Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas Vacation

Sadly it ended...

We spent 4 days in a log cabin in the Smoky Mountains with 2 other families. Will have pictures shortly. All I can tell you know is that it was beautiful and tons of fun!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Weekend adventures in the laundry room

This is the story that happened just in time not to ruin my Christmas holiday. I stayed home on Friday cause I felt I was losing my voice after the company Christmas party on the night before. Sometime in the morning I went to take a shower but there was no hot water. I knew something was wrong and quickly run in the basement to check on the water heater. I was standing in a water puddle, had to call Plamen and he told me how to turn off the power and the water supply. But the water wouldn't stop, I had to mop every hour.

Turns out the tank got a leak and water filled the insides, the heater had to be replaced. It was still under limited warranty and GE told us to go to Home Depot to get it replaced for free (they are the exclusive distributor I guess). We tried to schedule installation of the new on thru the phone but because we weren't buying a NEW water heater, they told us to go to the store. We spent an hour talking to 2 people there and finally the manager (after speaking to GE) said, OK bring the old one here tomorrow, no problem. Then I tried to get Home Depot to install it, but apparently this can't be scheduled thru the store either (?!?) so as I was on the phone with install Plamen comes back and says - well, I learned how to fix it myslef, I'll save us a few hundred bucks. We brought the darned broken heater the next day and the very same person we spoke to on Friday, says I need a number from GE and they're closed until Monday. What? We just hauled a leaking 50 gallon heater and you're telling me to come back on Monday! Do you realize I have NO hot water during this time? Turns out they weren't closed, she was just lazy - made her call one more time, and miraculously when on speakerphone, they picked up. HA! So we got a replacement heater.

Plamen learned to sweat solder copper pipes rather quickly. So now all is fixed and he wants a gas grill for Christmas from the money he saved us This all happened 4 days before we leave for our trip to Gatlinburg, imagine if we're already gone... just makes me shiver. A good reminder - take precausions if you're going away for the holidays!