Friday, June 30, 2006

Building the future Pixel by Pixel

Yay! It is alive and kicking - still not complete but all links functional, is up on the web. This will be my personal portfolio site, showcasing design work, photos, illustrations, and other creative little projects. It will keep me motivated to add more and more of my work and keep it organized. Now that I have found a theme for the site, I need to make me some business cards and even some post cards to give away (that will come much later).

The hardest of all was coming up with a name that was not taken, long or meaningless. I felt putting a word and a number together just wasn't me. "My Pixel Garden" came on a sheet of paper a few days into the brainstorming process. And let me tell you, I took that piece of paper with me everywhere - to the jazz in the scuplture garden (figured that the wine might help up with the idea flow), to the NJ & Philly trip, writing in the car when my husband drove, showing it to friends... and at the end I had the perfect name.