Saturday, March 10, 2007

New Car

Friday after work we went to look at a couple of cars but didn't like them. Then we drove all the way to Carmax in hope to find something for us at a reasonable price. Nothing under 10K which was our top! OK, we started looking at cars we'd like and they run for around 14-15K. We picked a few to test drive the next day and went home.

Saturday morning we had to see a car in Woodbridge. Just in case, we took an empty bill of sale and checked how late the DMV is open. We took our time with the car - Plamen looked at it, drove it around and on the highway (7mi away).

So at 12:00 noon we had our new car! A VolksWagen Jetta 2002, silver. 5 speed manual (I didn't care at this point, I'll drive the thing anyway). Leather heated seats, sun roof, alloy wheels, keyless entry. Very low mileage (we'll take care of that). I couldn't believe we've found it so fast. Our 3rd day of searching and we had it. I can relax now.

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